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1.Full waive eligible for Academic staff (permanent or contarct)

2.During submission for to IPS bring along a letter of confirmation from BSM

3.You are set to go


more info contact Bendahari UM 03 7967 3537

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Important Websites for New candidates

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http://rlab.fsktm.um.edu.my/ – register for lab access

http://pascasiswazah.um.edu.my/ – e-registration for postgraduate

http://siswa.um.edu.my/ – register perdana mail

http://pascainfo.um.edu.my/semak_ips/ – check status

Applying Scholarship for Master Programme

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http://ips.um.edu.my/?modul=Current_Students&pilihan=Home – check new offer here


http://ips.um.edu.my/?pfct=ips&modul=Current_Students&pilihan=Scholarship_and_Finance – ips

http://www.portal.mohe.gov.my/portal/page/portal/ExtPortal/MarketSponsor – mohe

http://www.portal.mohe.gov.my/portal/page/portal/ExtPortal/MarketSponsor/OtherSponsorship -other

What I need to look for..

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Journals on How Learning Languages by talking/speaking is effective than any other conventional methods

What are the common ways or existing ways of learning languages

Methods on learning to speak like natives

Online learning can substitute classroom, and we don’t need to employ natives to teach

difficulties on other region/parts to learn other foreign languages

difficulties in learning Arabic for non-arab

Journals on how to do analysis

Journals on past analysis on e-learning

What is the ranking of Arabic language world? How many people are using it? countries

Journals on the importancy of learning arabic

Economy between malaysia and arab countries

Journals on the significance of JQAF in our education

Find analysis methods that can be used

-Find other papers that are doing similar research

-On the methods, what is your assumptions, what is the limitation and what is your scope of study


-What are the long term plan

13 Ingredients of a Winning Thesis Proposal

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1. Introduction (1-2 pages)

Learning languages. How best to learn languages online. What are the common ways on learning languages online. We suggest Online Speech Recognition System. What is the advantage of learning using speech recognition system.

2. Problem Statement

Explain a bit about the system

We have develop an online speech recognition system. Our system database stores arab natives pre-recorded words. This mean, when a user speak to the system, the system will capture and compare it to our database system, and will see the accuracy. So user will learn how to speak just like the arab natives.

To validate our research that online speech recognition system can improve teachers/students learning arabic, we will conduct a research on the usage of it. A set of students and teachers  will be ask to use the system and we will analyzed on the effectiveness and their performance after using it. We will like to do a research on how an online speech recognition system can help improve learning Arabic among teachers and students

In the context of learning languages, people learn best by speaking and talking to others. One of difficulties of learning languages is to pronounce properly. Different part of the world have different tongue and they will have some difficulty to speak other languages like the natives. So to learn languages we must learn to speak and listen to the words pronounce by the natives itself. The best way is to attend classes with native teachers. But this means we will need natives, prepare a classroom and need to pay some tuition fees and set time & date for the class. With the internet, we can create a similar experience.


We will do an analysis on students/teachers learning Arabic using onlne speech recognition system

Problems in our learning environment: We have difficulty in teaching arabic correctly because our tongue is different than the natives. So in order to improve we need to know how exactly the native speaks and try to emulate. If teachers can speak correctly like the natives, then they will pass it to the students. If not, the other way around will happen and we will keep on producing students that can read and write arabic properly but cannot pronounce the arabic word correctly just like the natives. But to employ arabic native to teach will be much more difficult. Therefore we would like to introduce an online speech recognition system as part of the learning process. The system database is pre-recorded wit arab natives speaking arabic. So teachers/student can train to speak just likethe native through repetition and the system will evaluate.

Is there a program, drug, project, or product that needs evaluation?

We would like to test the application in JQAF

What do you intend to create or produce and how will it be of value to you and society?

If the results is good. We will suggest the education ministry to introduce the application to all schools to the nation. Hopefully teachers and students can speak better in arabic. On our part we will be collect the data and measure the effectiveness of our system so we can suggest some improvement.

3. Background

Capture the reader’s interest and convince him/her of the significance of the problem.

If the system can help to improve teachers/students to learn arabic, this will further enhance the learning process. The objective of JQAF is to produce students that can speak Arabic fluently which is the language of Islam and one the biggest language in the world.

Some of the benefits if we can improve teachers/students learning Arabic:

1. Arabic is the language of Islam, this will help students to understand the religion especially the holy book, Al-Quran

2. We can break the communication barriers with the Arabic speaking people. More academic collaboration can be done with the Arab Natives. As we know the Arab people is rich in culture and history.

3. In economy, more investment can be bring in as our communication improve. This will convince  the Arab as both side understand each other well. One of the difficulty we are facing in bringing investment from the Arab speaking country is the language barrier.

4. Purpose

Begin with “The purpose of this study is to…” change, interpret, understand, evaluate, or analyze the problem.

The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of teacher/students on learning arabic using online speech recognition system

The goal of the thesis are:

  1. To understand and evaluate the behavior of teacher and students learning Arabic online with the support of speech recognition system
  2. To do an analysis based on the results
  3. To propose a blended learning method between classroom and online for JQAF

5. Significance

Why is your study important? To whom is it important?What can happen to society, or theory, or a program if the study is done or not done?

To analyzed whether an online speech recognition system can help improve teacher/students learn Arabic. It is very important to train teachers to be able to pronounce Arabic properly like natives so that we can produce quality students.  We can create a society that can speak Arabic fluently which means they can understand Islam better or Al-Quran better, communicate with Arab natives for more collaboration and increase our relationship with them in many ways for example economy, trading etc. If the study is not conducted, we will never know the effectiveness of the system in assisting them learning Arabic and will leaves us the conventional ways of teaching without any creativity.

6. Methodology

Describe in technical language your research perspective and your past, present, or possible future points of view.

List three research methodologies you could use, and describe why each might be appropriate and feasible. Select the most viable method.

7. Literature Review

Locate and briefly describe those studies and theories that support and oppose your approach to the problem. In other words, place the proposed study in context through a critical analysis of selected research reports.

Be sure to include alternative methodological approaches that have been used by others who studied your problem.

8. Hypotheses

We expect to know:

1. Is the system is easy to use

2. Is the system contents is organize properly?

3. Reliability? Is the system gives consistent results?

4. Does the students improve after using it?

5. Teachers and students feedback on the system

6. Comments and suggestion on how to improve the system

Analysis will done using questionnaires, observation and analytical tools.

9. Definition of Terms

Describe for the reader the exact meaning of all terms used in the problem, purpose and methodology sections. Include any terms that, if not defined, might confuse the reader.

10. Assumptions

Describe untested and un-testable positions, basic values, world views, or beliefs that are assumed in your study.

Your examination should extend to your methodological assumptions, such as the attitude you have toward different analytic approaches and data-gathering methods. Make the reader aware of your own biases.

11. Scope & Limitations

Disclose any conceptual and methodological limitations
Use the following questions to identify the limitations of your study: What kind of design, sampling, measurement, and analysis would be used “in the best of all possible worlds”? How far from these ideals is your study likely to be?

12. Procedure

Describe in detail all the steps you will carry out to choose subjects, construct variables, develop hypotheses, gather and present data, such that another researcher could replicate your work.

13. Long-Range Consequences

Think ahead approximately three years after the completion of your thesis project. What are the long-term consequences of your having done the study or not done the study?

If the results is good and proves that it could improve the learning process, this new teaching method can be introduce to all schools. If no creative or innovative ways are done, then we will stuck using the conventional ways of teaching.

If you carry out the study successfully your results will: confirm your hypothesis; contradict your hypothesis; or possibly be inconclusive.

Intro, Problem Statement

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How do people learn languages traditionally?

How do people learn languages online?

How do people learn arabic online?

What are the difficulties of learning arabic?

Explore the usage of online speech recognition system in learning Arabic (or other languages)

Research and analysis on the effect of using speech recognition system in learning Arabic

How does speech recognition system can help people learn better compare to other online tools