Technology Acceptance Model

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Journal research: Methodology on testing Arabic Speech Recognition System

Category : Journals on System Analysis

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Arabic Speech Recognition – journal results: 49 (none on testing methodology)

Arabic Speech Recognition – conference results: 141 (none on testing methodology)

Journal on Speech Recognition System Evaluation

Category : Journals on System Analysis


Language Speech Recognition System Evaluation

Evaluation of Pronunciation by means of AutomaticSpeech Recognition System for Computer Aided Indonesian Language Learning

Automatic evaluation of spoken english fluency

Investigating automatic assessment of reading comprehension in young children – ok

Evaluating speech recognition in the context of a spoken dialogue system: critical error rate


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A Fuzzy Pronunciation Evaluation Model for English Learning

Evaluation for Liaison of Spoken English: a Sugeno Integration Approach

Probabilistic simulation of human-machine dialogues

THE SRI NIST 2008 speaker recognition evaluationsystem

Technology Acceptance Model

Category : Journals on System Analysis

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Empirical Research Based on TAM in Acceptance of Mobile Homecare Systems

Examining the Technology Acceptance Model of the Computer Assistance Orthopedic surgery system

Evaluating the usefulness and the ease of use of a Web-based inspection data collection tool

An Investigation on Students’ Acceptance of Writing Web Logs: A Test of Technology Acceptance Model

Validation of Serious Games Attributes Using theTechnology Acceptance Model


Journals of Effectiveness of Speech Recognition

Category : Journals on System Analysis


effectiveness of online speech recognition for language learning

The effectiveness of computer assisted pronunciation training for foreign language learning by children

A speaker adaptation method for non-native speech using learners’ native utterances for computer-assisted language learning systems

A Study of web-based oral activities enhanced by Automatic Speech Recognition for EFL collegelearning


speech technology for language learning

arabic speech technology