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Model-Based Testing

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Searched Keywords:

how to evaluate a speech recognition system

Questions / Survey

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Analysis need to be done:

1. Survey before testing the system

2. System evaluation: Data collections and results

3. Survey after using the system

4. Observation on user behavior


Initial survey on JQAF teachers:

Why they choose to teach Arabic?

Why they learn Arabic?

Their level? 1st, year?2nd year?

Number of years teaching?

Other related experience?


Data to be collected during the test:


Questions after taking the test:


their recent grade

their general experience with learning arabic online

if online, is it text reading, audio or video?

ask them for the website links if possible


strongly agree,agree, neutral, disagree and strongly disagree

1 through 5 to each one of their responseswith 1 representing strongly disagree and 5 representingstrongly agree.

level of comfort interacting in Japanese

expressed more con®dence thatthey understand the computer

level of con®dence that the computer understoodthem

statement that they are better speakers of Japaneseas a result of using the system

All the students wantedto use the program again, but the university studentswere somewhat less enthusiastic than thehigh schoolers

Observations on user behavior: What to observe

had sometrouble putting on and getting used to the headmountedmicrophones. However, once the studentsgot adjusted to the microphone they seemedto have less trouble putting it on a second time.

substantial dicultywith the push-and-hold-to-speak button

we didnot have direct volume adjustment in the program,many of the initial errors in the system were due topoor sound quality with the amplitude being eithertoo low or too high.

reject scheme is not working as well as wehoped, as a lot of false starts and babble werebeing accepted as valid utterances

tested the systemÕslimitations as they often tended to string multiplesentences together.

One of the female studentsgoing through the “Movie Friday” interaction wassupposed to ask the animated Japanese male studentout to a movie, but blushed deeply and wasunable to continue the session.

Testing Out Research

Category : System Analysis