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Category : Learn Arabic Online – used by us soldier mission to iraq

Learn Arabic Online

Category : Learn Arabic Online

How many internet search for “Learn Arabic Online”

So how may people exactly are looking for ways to learn Arabic online? Using Google Keywords Tool, I can know how may people are looking for it in Google. Google as we know is the biggest search engine around. Here’s a screenshot I made on Mar 27, 2010.

Keyword Research Learn Arabic Online

From the results, we can know that there’s a big demand for learning Arabic online.

Where does the traffic comes from?

Using Google Trends, we can know the source of traffic. Here’s a screenshot of the results I made on the top four keywords; learn arabic online, learn arabic online free, learning arabic online and online learning arabic.

Google Trends Learn Arabic Online

From here we know the top 10 places where the traffic originated. From top; United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, United Kingdom and Israel.

Websites offering learning Arabic Online

I did some Googling and found some sites that offers learning Arabic. Most of them are pure texts.

Pay Learning Sites – with speech recognition system – with speech recognition system – software CD with speech recognition system – Rocket Arabic Premium with speech recognition system online – Learn Arabic at home with speech recognition system CD – Online Arabic Distance Learning – With 23,000+ students and rates as low as $79/month – free and pay for full access, provide audible demo – Classical Arabic, pay courses. – Practice your Arabic by writing emails, written conversation using text chat and speaking using voice chat. – CD – teach Arabic through topical news stories taken from Arab newspaper websites such as Asharq Alawsat and Al-Hayat – provide structured courses and audible demo

Free Learning Sites – Arabic software free trial – Promote program – Free & Promote Affiliate products – “step by step Approach to reading and writing arabic” by Mohi e-Din Saleh – provide audible demo – provide audible demo – provide audible demo – sell in CD format – provide audible demo – a compilation of selected learning Arabic online websites – text – text