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Learn English Online

Category : Learn English Online

To compare on the development on learning languages online, we need to know how other languages are doing. As we all aware English is the most used language in the world. So it is important to study how developers are doing on providing online English learning tools.

How many people are looking to learn English online

Using Google Keywords Tool, I can get a rough idea on the demand of learning English online. Google dominates about more than 50% of number of users using their search engine for search. So here’s a screenshot of the result taken on March 29, 2010.

Keyword Research Learn English Online

Who exactly looking for “Learn English Online”

Using Google Trends, we can know from which country, city and languages in the world that are looking to learn english online. Here’s a screenshot of the result taken on March 29, 2010. The terms analysed were; learn english online, learn online english, english online learning, learning english online, online english learning.

Google Trends Learn English Online

Surprisingly now we know the top 3 country looking for learning English Online are Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India!

Websites offering learning English Online

Since there’s a big demand, a lot of efforts have been taken to capture this market. Hence there’s a lot of free and pay websites that offers learning English online.

“To counter boredom, online language programs have introduced crossword puzzles, interactive videos and other games to reward users for making progress.” excerpt from NYtimes


Pay Learning Sites – with speech recognition system. learn online and offline – with speech recognition system. learn online – conversation with native speakers. learn online – includes a dual voice recognition system and personalized evaluations of pronunciation. – with speech recognition system. need to install software has speech recognition system – learn with online teachers – using speech recognition system, able to transcribe voice to text

Free Learning Sites – Learn English by reading real stories you actually care about. – learn from video conversation. built with speech recognition system – teaches in text style format – Learn English through conversation, reading magazines, tests and other tons of free resources – Provided by British Council. Includes audible demo. Structured differently for adult learners, children, parents, work & study, Chinese speakers and Arabic speakers. – learning materials in text