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Thus contributions from all of the related fields are welcomed in the form of reports of theoretical or experimental studies, tutorials, reviews, and brief correspondence pertaining to models and their implementation, or reports of fundamental research leading to the improvement of such models. -Webcast – author instruction

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paper preferences – prove thories, not building system. focus on method, not developing system.

how do expert evaluate vs how system evaluate? compare how we can simulate the same thing on the system

system, unless it is very new, then it will be difficult to published

Tier 1 – Universal value, uniqueness of methodology, mathematical algorithm

methodology – add value with formula, mathematricize the study, look at approaches from other domain

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Analyzing the seventh vowel of classical Arabic – Quranic Arabic, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA has 6 vovels. the 7th vowel studied is taken from Quranic Arabic. Surah Houd

Cross-dialectal acoustic data sharing for Arabic speech recognition– Using MSA to improve Egyptian Conversational Arabic (ECA) by using MSA acoustic model. cross-dialectal data sharing for Arabic speech recognition. our experiments did not show more gain.  LDC Call-Home (CH) corpus of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and the FBIS corpus of MSA.

Investigating Automatic Recognition of Non-Native Arabic Speech– We analyze some major differences related to the phonetic confusion in order to determine which phonemes have a significant part in the recognition performance for both native and non-native speakers. The WestPoint Language Data Consortium (LDC) modern standard Arabic database and the Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) are used in this research effort. We analyzed the performance of AASR at phonetic and word levels and we found that the introduction of the language model masks some pronunciation errors of non-native speakers. Is this correct? should it be that the introduction of the language model improves the pronunciation accuracy for non-native speaker based on the results obtained???

Investigating spoken Arabic digitsin speech recognition setting –

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Review Paper: Arabic Speech Technology

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Table of contents

Introduction – brief history of the works done. milestones by year. Explain progress by year.

Section 2 – introduce  sound systems of the Arabic language.

Section 3 – describes research works on fundamental analyses and tools.

Speech analyses and tools: tone analysis, intonation analysis, stress analysis, pause analysis, speech segmentation, phoneme modeling

Pronunciation modeling tools: Pronunciation dictionary

Sections 4 – a review investigations of Arabic speech recognition

Arabic Speech Recognition: Development of Arabic ASR (isolated or continuous), Acoustic modeling, Language modeling, Noise robustness, Prosody on ASR



Section 5 –  presents research on high-level speech applications. Suggestions for, and discussion on, potential research directions aregiven at the end of the paper.

Arabic speech application: spoken dialogue system, speech translation, speaker recognition

Language resources: Text resources, speech resources, dictionaries

Conclusion and future directions

Paper focus

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Paper should focuses on:

1.the technological aspects of the system

2.its evaluation for usability and robustness or

3.pedagogical methodology.

Review Paper Title &Keywords

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Title Suggestion

1.Review on countries using online tools in learning languages

2.Review on the online tools that has been used for learning languages

3.Review on the usage of online tools in learning languages

4.Review on the usage of online tools to learn language in Malaysia


learning languages online

online tools to improve learning languages

effectiveness of speech recognition system on learning languages online

Search engine used:


–>online tools to improve learning languages

Language learning online: towards best practice By Uschi Felix

–>effectiveness of speech recognition system on learning languages online

An interactive dialog system for learning Japanese -ScienceDirect

Phone-level pronunciation scoring and assessment for interactive language learning -ScienceDirect

Distributed realtime speech recognition system

Voice interactive classroom, a service-oriented software architecture for speech-enabled learning -ScienceDirect

Teaching the pronunciation of Japanese double-mora phonemes using speech recognitiontechnology -ScienceDirect